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The Meeting on the Effectiveness Evaluation of Double First-class Applied Characteristic Disciplines in Hunan Province
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On the morning of July 11th, HIE held a promotion meeting on the effectiveness evaluation of double first-class applied characteristic discipline construction in Hunan Province in the meeting room No.2. Yi Bing, vice secretary of the CPC Hunan Institute of Engineering Committee and president of HIE, and Wei Kexiang, member of the HIE Party Committee and vice president of HIE, attended the meeting. Heads of Graduate Studies Division (Discipline Construction Office), Human Resources Division, Academic Programs Division, Financial Affairs Division, Academic Research Division, College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Deans, academic leaders, discipline secretaries and backbone representatives of eight provincial applied disciplines, including control science and engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering and technology, mechanical engineering, business administration, civil engineering, physics and design, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wei Kexiang.

Ren Zhenhua, Director of Graduate Studies Division (Discipline Construction Office), interpreted in detail the spirit and requirements of Hunan Provincial Department of Education's Notice on Carrying out the Effectiveness Evaluation of Double First-class Construction in Hunan Province. Leaders of various disciplines and discipline secretaries reported on the implementation progress of construction effectiveness evaluation at present. They discussed and put forward suggestions on the refinement of typical cases, the summary of construction characteristics and the realism of index changes in the reported materials.

Wei Kexiang pointed out that all disciplines should carefully compare the periodic tasks of discipline construction, benchmark against tables, carefully sort out the construction achievements, unify quantitative and qualitative evaluation, focus on services and contributions, and summarize the highlights and characteristics of discipline construction. The discipline construction office should focus on overall coordination, strengthen contact with other units, serve the reporting of discipline information, and complete the effectiveness evaluation of "double first-class" construction with high quality.

Yi Bing made a concluding speech. He said that the evaluation of the effectiveness of "double first-class" construction is related to the overall development of HIE, and the whole school should fully understand the significance of doing a good job in evaluation. He demanded that, first, we should unify our understanding and gather together. The college should set up specialized group and disciplines set up task forces to fulfill responsibilities and advance the work efficiently and steadily according to the work plan. Second, we must make overall coordination and make concerted efforts. The discipline construction office takes the lead, while functional departments and colleges should closely cooperate with various disciplines. They need to strengthen information communication, answer questions accurately, provide materials and promote the project together. Third, the data should be rigorous and the evaluation should be accurate. People in charge and participants should deeply understand the principles and philosophy of evaluation, fully understand the indicators, carefully and objectively collect data, extract typical and concise characteristics, and show the construction achievements with highlights and emphasis.

(Reviewed by Wang Jiayi, Wang Xingzhou)

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