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A Year-end Summary and Award Meeting was Held for 2020 HIE Faculty Thematic Reading Activities
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On the afternoon of January 8, the year-end summary and award meeting for 2020 HIE faculty thematic reading activities was held in the conference room of Shuangchuang Building. Ning Liwei, Deputy Secretary of the CPC HIE Committee and Chairman of HIE Labor Union, chairmen of sub-unions, and nearly 100 award winners attended the meeting. The event was hosted by Zhu Jie, Vice Chairman of HIE Labor Union.

In his speech, Ning Liwei pointed out that the vast number of faculty and staff of HIE and compatriots from all walks of life in the province have promoted a healthy, civilized, high-spirited, and full-participated staff culture through a variety of activities. It has set off an upsurge of activities themed on "Reading for Wisdom, Reading for Civilization, Reading for Dreams", which ignited the desire for reading among all school faculties. He stated that the 2020 thematic reading activity has successfully come to an end, but the grand chapter of universal reading is far from being over. I hope everyone will firmly establish the concept of lifelong learning and strive to be a leader, an advocate, and a practitioner of reading, so as to constantly improve cultural quality, as well as to contribute to the decisive fight against poverty and the decisive victory to build a well-off society in an all-round way.

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