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HIE wins 9 Higher Education Teaching Achievement Awards at provincial level
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Recently, the Hunan Provincial Department of Education announced the award-winning projects of the 13th Hunan Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award. Our school has been approved for nine teaching achievement awards, one first prize and three second prizes (one as a participating unit), five third prizes, refreshed our school’s provincial higher education teaching achievement award winning record. The award-winning achievements include eight undergraduate education and teaching achievements and one postgraduate education and teaching achievement. Among them, the project, “Industrial Development-Oriented and University-Enterprise Innovation Integrated Cultivation of Outstanding Engineering Talents in Electrical Applications”, led by Professor Wan Qin from the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, won the provincial first prize.

The Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award is a review and display of the achievements of talent training and teaching reform in colleges and universities. After years of hard work, they have achieved fruitful results, reflecting major progress and achievements made by college teachers in aspects of morality, education, rigorous study, and teaching reform.

HIE attaches great importance to the cultivation of education and teaching reform research and practice projects. Taking the "Double Ten Thousand Plan" as an opportunity, guided by the construction of new engineering and new liberal arts, HIE strives to innovate talent training mechanism, break through the bottleneck of the mechanism, and cultivate high-level applied talents, with a series of excellent teaching achievements have been formed.

In the next step, the school will further strengthen the research and reform of education and teaching, give full play to the demonstration and leading role of the provincial teaching achievement award, adhere to the fundamental task of moral education, focus on connotation construction and characteristic development, comprehensively improve the ability of talent training, and strive to gain more high-level teaching achievements with demonstration driving effect and promotion value, so as to make greater contributions to building a high-level engineering application-oriented university with distinctive characteristics.

(Checked by Wang Jiayi, Gong Qian)

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