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The History Gallery of HIE Welcomes the First Batch of Visitors
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The weight of a school is nothing more than the history accumulated over the years; while the beauty of it lies in the inheritance of spiritual culture.

On the morning of May 22, HIE held the fourth annual meeting of the president and secretary-general of the local alumni associations. The History Gallery of HIE welcomed nearly 100 alumni representatives from 33 local alumni associations across the country.

The History Gallery of HIE is an important place for alumni to recall the past youthful years and learn about the development and achievement of HIE. Alumni from all over the country gathered here to listen to the sonorous songs of school history. Every piece of articles and paintings evoked old memories of the past. The alumni recalled the prosperity of the past and regained their beautiful youth dream. Witnessing the vicissitudes of the past and the continuous singing of strings, their friendship with alma mater is further enhanced. Here they started to open a new chapter in life.

Later, Chen Yuetang, secretary of the school’s party committee, came to the school history gallery for on-site guidance. He listened carefully to each paragraph of the explanation, and asked about the purpose of each teaching aid, as well as the textual research of each historical event. He personally guided and explained how to highlight the characteristics. He highly affirmed the exhibition effect of the school history gallery.

(Checked by Yang Yonghe, Wang Jiayi)

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